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Challenging Racism &
Promoting Racial Equality

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About Us

Enfield Racial Equality Council (EREC) is an umbrella organisation and the only one in Enfield concerned with racial discrimination and equality of opportunity in every aspect of your life.

We are a not-for-profit organisation and receive public funds to carry out the work that we do. We are a membership organisation and our members are from diverse backgrounds with a commitment to furthering race equality in Enfield.

EREC receives core funding from the London Borough of Enfield. We also received funding from the Big Lottery for the Improving Health Project.

Our services

  • We provide information, advice, and support to individuals experiencing racism or racial discrimination.
  • We identify equality issues affecting the community and work in partnership with local agencies to resolve these.
  • We advise local public, private and voluntary organisations on how to promote race equality, involve Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) communities with local service plans, and deliver accessible and culturally sensitive services.
  • We provide critical review and advice to local public agencies on the implementation of their statutory public duties to promote race equality.
  • We raise awareness and inform individuals and organisations on local race equality matters, particularly key areas where discrimination is manifest, such as employment, health, integration of refugees and asylum seekers etc.
  • We support the development of our local community through encouraging and promoting the full participation of Enfield’s diverse communities.
  • We provide a forum for consultation on key local decision-making within the London Borough of Enfield.

Who can use our services?

Anyone living, working or studying in the London Borough of Enfield.

Who can become an EREC member?

Our membership includes the London Borough of Enfield, local MPs, Police, religious groups, community groups, schools/colleges, Black and Minority Ethnic groups, Refugee Community Organisations and individuals dedicated to working against racism.

If you support the work of the Enfield Racial Equality Council, then why not come on board as a member. Membership is free and is open to individuals who live or work in Enfield and to organisations operating in Enfield, who are committed to furthering the work of EREC.

As a member, you will benefit from:

  • Invitations to our Annual general Meeting and General Council Meetings
  • Invitations to our Strategic Race and Equalities Forum
  • Representation of your organisation at meetings of up to two delegates with voting powers and eligibility to stand for election on our Board of Trustees
  • Opportunities to voice your comments and views on policy issues
  • Opportunities to sit on Task Groups on matters of particular interest to you
  • Free Seminars/Events
  • Regular mailings including the EREC Newsletter. Latest Newsletter
  • Information on matters such as grants, free training employment opportunities, etc.

If you would like to become a member, please contact the office for an application form.


EREC Staff

Chandra Bhatia
Chief Executive

Soula Solomon
Admin & Support Services Manager

Maria Mecurio
Administrative Officer (Finance)

Indrani Yogarajah
Administrative Officer

EREC Trustees

Bevin Betton

Vicky Dungate
Vice Chair

Talat Shaikh
Vice Chair

Richard Garland

Ken Allen
Sam Bell
Beryl De Souza
Sylvia Fernandez
Yusuf Gulamhusein
Roger Hallam
Cllr  Tahsin Ibrahim
Cllr Eric Jukes
Suhas Khale
Nisha Patel
Rasheed Sadegh-Zadeh
Bashir Yusuf